Artisti Depressi #DepressedArtists

Parody commercial for 5x1000 campaign #DepressedArtists


(English subtitles available)

Are we implying that our Country doesn’t help art?

Maybe, but as William James said: “We don’t laugh because we’re happy – we’re happy because we laugh”.

All jobs have become harder, but being an artist is a profession destined to disappear.

Most of the artists nowadays cannot hope to live on their works, they need a job to pay the rent, and then work like artists in their spare time.

 The category has dramatically expanded, so we include the all-new kinds of job related to the world of social networking and communication in general. So every artist is supposed to exercise his/her art through surrogates of their work.

Is there a line between art and artistic job?

So while our parody was only supposed to make us laugh, you can seriously think about giving your 5‰ to real associations, such as our great friends