There’s a saying in Italian, that goes something like “everybody is a better person over Christmas” (a Natale siamo tutti più buoni).

At Kinedimorae we decided we wanted to play with that saying, and created the headline for the Bucaneve Xmas campaign “we want to be better all year long” (noi siamo più buoni tutto l’anno).

This led us to the construction of 3 visuals with the aim

of portraying an unconventional, anachronistic Christmas.This year Kinedimorae is proud of taking part in the creation of a real Christmas campaign, in which the cards are only one of the means to convey the positive message of Cooperativa Bucaneve Onlus in Castel Goffredo (Northern Italy), one of the most high-tech, super-cool-equipped facilities in Europe.

We admit it, we shot at the public pool of Castel Goffredo “Sayonara” – courtesy of their owners who lent the location for free – and we replaced the backgrounds with images we collected a month earlier in the beautiful islands of Italy.

The Xmas tree popsicle is also digital: it’s the merge of at least 16 images of a regular popsicle from different angles.

Yet we always feel the urge of biting one of the points when we see it, don’t you?Here’s a gallery of behind-the-scenes pics, and click here for the whole description of the photoshoot.