Fiordimaso “Formaggi d’autore”

Fiordimaso Innovative Digital Campaign (Web and Cinema)

Kinedimorae was asked to update the perceived image of an important Italian company that produces cheese and fresh-cuts: Caform-Fior Di Maso.The aim was to differentiate the various kinds of cheese based on their peculiarities. So each Fior Di Maso product was associated to a cinematographic genre, that we decided to bring to life with only one still shot.The setting was a different room for each scene and genre, with only three recurring elements: a door, the cheese platter and, of course, a voice over describing the scene.

But whose voice is that?It seems the voice of one of the characters until we realize, throughout the shot, that the cheese itself is speaking.

 The clips, of course, were parodies of the genres they refer to, which brought to a series of cheesy ironic skits – full throttle Kinedimorian style.

Romantic Movie
Horror Movie
Gangster Movie
Action Movie