Federico Cambria


Lancome_Follow your sensations
JUVENTUS_MARVEL - Eroi in Ritiro dircut
LENOR_Master German Swiss
DANCE DON'T CHAT - LIVIA Indiandance (Codirected with Fred Cavallini)
RACHEL AND MAP (short movie)

Stalked by someone Rachel loses herself on a road journey.
Following a mysterious map, she finds a magic jewel that reconnects her with her own soul.But as soon as she finds it, she disappears for one week…

HYUNDAI - Marco D'Amore (Web Series)

Brand-Cross has created and produced the mini Series “The Ioniq Choice”. During 3 episodes the famous actor Marco D’Amore is on board of a Hyundai Ioniq, tackling the issue of living reality and fiction.


A test film tells a girl’s honiric travel throught the mistery and glam/dark world of the fragrance.


Branded film for Maserati 4-door model used for web and events. The film was filmed in Milan, Modena, Bologna and Como Lake.


Branded content for Melini’s winery filmed in a beautiful hills of Chianti and in the winery’s location.

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