Directed by BG and Michele Bizzi

A dancer goes on an emotional journey involving the colors and materials of a new design concept.

© Sesia&Co 2021


With the language of fashion-film, we follow a girl’s interior and exterior journey, in which the colors and materials of the Sesia & co trunk inspire emotions told with visual expedients. We move into a house with an essential but never banal interior design. The squares that represent the materials and colors of the Sesia & co. concept are scattered throughout the location, as if they were the pieces of a mosaic of sensations – but also parts of visual styles and rhythms – which the protagonist collects, until she meets her alter ego, which is expressed in a fusion of opposite movements.


A gesture shows us the last of the materials that is placed in the trunk, finally revealing it in its entirety.

Festivals and Awards

La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival”, Official Selection, Nominations: Best Director (BG and Michele Bizzi); Best Creative Concept (BG and Michele Bizzi); Best Editing (Ilaria Fusco); Best Sound Design (Marco Ferrario); Best Cinematography (Michele Brandstetter De Bellesini)
Barcelona Fashion Film Festival” , Official Selection
Canadian International Fashion Film Festival”, Official Selection, Nomination: Best Set Design, Best Dance, Best Director.
Moscow International Design Film Festival”, Official Selection
Digital Media Fest”, Vincitore Best Sound Design
Short to the Point”, Best Fashion Film, Vincitore di ottobre
Cuerpo Mediado Festival de Videodanza”, Official Selection
Chelsea Fashion Film Festival”, Official Selection
Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival” , Nomitations: Best Campaign, Best Editing, Best Director, Best Dance. Vincitore del premio: Best Campaign
Guimarães Fashion Film Festival” , Nomination International Best Director
Short Film Factory”, Honorable Mention
Bokeh Fashion Film Festival” Nomination: Best Actor, Best Art Direction, Best Direction, Best Sound & Music
Vesuvius International Film Festival”, Vincitore della categoria Best Director

“NOT FILM FEST”, Official Selection

“London Fashion Film Festival”, Nominations: Best Director, Best Editing