Against the devaluation of women

Devaluation of women , femicide and violence : is there a link ?

We asked writers Dacia Maraini and Matteo Strukul , the tv author and journalist of  the italian tv-show “Le IENE”  Matteo Viviani and the economist Marcella Corsi.

We have placed them questions such as:
  • Is there a link between violence against women and the devaluation of them ?
  • Can we talk of devaluation of women today ?
  • There is a pervasive and less obvious form of machismo ?
  • How can you hit a woman , when you want to vilify ?
  • Is there a way out ?
This project is another step to try to figure out what’s missing , not so much in the social as in cultural facilities .
SHUT UP! (ZITTA! italian name). It is also a blog , a space where newborn will post insights , news and views on the subject .
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