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S4WEB Pen@lope

Working for companies can be challenging, especially when the request is extremely specific and creativity is put at stake.

When asking for a business video, any company would like to see someone talking expressly about their product, and how important it is for the client to buy it. And so was S4web, a company producing pen@lope, a digital pen that records as digital data what is being written on documents.

S4web wanted to see their testimonial Max Mazza, a fashion designer, to talk about how his frantic life has changed  thanks to pen@lope.

Would Kinedimorians have probably preferred a more creative request? It doesn’t matter, because we came to an agreement: we wrote a script exactly as the client required, but we were free to experiment as much as we wanted with the directing and editing. We basically put Kinedimorae magic on the coming-to-shape process.

The result is a hectic series of stimuli – hand-held camera, zoom, loud music, fast pace, editing – that disorient the beholder in order to convey haste and confusion: time is an important value and pen@lope helps you organize it.

Editing, specifically, has been planned to take advantage of the language of video, push the viewer into believing that something is happening, and then revealing a different location and a different situation.

We ended up casting an actor as the overwhelmed fashion designer, because Mr. Mazza was – indeed – too busy to be on camera for two days straight, but he’s been kind enough – together with all his crew – to give us location and props.


One of the main critiques was that the music is too loud… well, it has to be. This video wants to show how your business life is without pen@lope helping you organizing it: a real mess.


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