Kinedimorae (the house of motion) is a collective of audio-visual communication experts.

We believe that creativity is not a budget issue. It doesn’t matter if you want to promote the last Anish Kapoor installation or push your vegan burgers campaign,

we will always find the best way to narrate through images.

In the land of audio-visual communication, the risk is to create something that is not enough “smart” or “unique” to stand out.

Kinedimorae’s aim is to work with ideas that are both weird and cool, or as we say it: “wool” (but we have to work on this ‘cause it sounds too soft for the purpose).

Our grandmas always said “the key to marketing is differentiation” and “wash behind your ears”. Now we all have very clean ears and a clear idea of how to make your project work.


To all the Kinedimorians out there: feel free to contact us for info or, better yet, for an estimate.


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